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A Guide to Application for "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program"
Release date:2016-11-24 09:19:21   source:International Office

  General Rules

  In order to implement the medium and long term education reform and development planning outline of the state, Shanghai and our school, to expand the level of education opening to the outside world, to strengthen the introduction of overseas high-level talents and intelligence, to accelerate the pace of education internationalization and improve the discipline construction and quality of personnel training in our school, as well as enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the school, the "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program" was launched since 2011.


  Chapter I Goals and Tasks

  Article 1 The "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program"aims to support and subsidize overseas high-level teaching and research personnel to teach and carry out cooperative scientific research in Shanghai through the connotation construction of local colleges and universities so that the students are enabled to receive direct guidance from overseas teachers and schools can be promotedintalents cultivation and teaching, scientific research level and the connotation development as well.

  Article 2 With the introduction of overseas high-level teaching and research staff to engage in teaching and research work in Shanghai, and improvement of the policy system to attract overseas high-level personnel to Shanghai to engage in teaching and cooperative research, and through the "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program", the school faculty level, teaching and research capabilities can be enhanced to make up for the shortage of high-end talents.


  Chapter II Requirements of Outstanding Overseas Teacher

  Article 3 Theoverseas teachers recruited for the "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program"shall be the foreign experts or scholars with internationally recognized and high attainments in a certain discipline or field of specialization, excluding experts or scholars from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan China, as well as experts or scholars with Chinese nationality who have obtained the right of permanent residence in foreign countries. They shall meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1.Their important writings or papers have an authoritative influence in the discipline or field of study;

  2. Acted or is acting the important position in the authoritative academic organization or research institution in the discipline or field of study;

  3.The editorial board member or the main reviewer of the authoritative academic journals of the discipline or field of study;

  4.The keynote speaker of an authoritative academic conference in the discipline or field of study;

  5.The award winner of the authoritative awards in the discipline or field of study;

  6. The main performers, actors or group command and permanent directors once or currently working in the world-class performance groups;

  7.The painter, sculptor, designer, etc. who has a great influence on the current academic thought or social life, and its paintings or other works have the seminal (original and ingenious) artistic language.


  Chapter III Application Requirements and Contents of Subsidies

  Article 4 For "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program", in principle, it can be applied within the scope of all the professional disciplines of the school, which mainly relied on the secondary disciplines or majors of the schools for application and implementation of management.

  Encouragement: 1. Application in the areas of school's key disciplines, emerging disciplines and cross disciplines; 2. The application should be combined with the school development strategy and key discipline development direction; 3. On the basis of recruitment of the previous years, the level requirements and academic standards of the teachers planned to be recruited shall be improved gradually, so that the title of theoverseas teachers can be more worthy of the name; 4. schools can effectively make use of the recruited ones for "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program"of the local or the nonlocal colleges and universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education, so that they can work in the local colleges and universities at the appropriate time after the implementation of the program to achieve the resource sharing; 5. The academic goals signed by theoverseas teachers and schools shall be mainly the set-up of the world's advanced forefront subject courses and performance of teaching.

   Article 5 The departments applying for the "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program" shall meet the following requirements:

  1. To be familiar with the world development status and trends of the majors engaged by theoverseas teachers planned to be employed;

  2. To be familiar with the international academic status and influence of theoverseas teachers to be employed in terms of the majors, and to understand the professional expertise and academic characteristics of theoverseas teachers to be employed;

  3. To have a certain basis for the exchange or cooperation with theoverseas teachers to be employed;

  4. Theoverseas teachers to be employed shall mainly be engaged in lecturing and teaching, and can be engaged in scientific research individually;

  5. To sign the clear academic objectives inChinawith theoverseas teachers to be employed and the detailed arrangement for the teaching and scientific research inChinaby theoverseas teachers to be employed has been attached for application;

  6. It shall be ensured that“Shanghai Outstanding Overseas Teacher”shall have the accumulative annual working hours in schools of not less than 60 days, which shall be completed generally within 3 times; and in principle,the “School Outstanding Overseas Teacher”shall work for not less than 30 days.

  7. The age of theoverseas teachers to be employed shall in principle not exceed 65 years (calculated from the year to be employed);

  8. Theoverseas teachers to be employed have the strong software and hardware advantages in terms of the disciplines and majors in the school, and can get the related supporting and financial support of the school or other aspects.

  Article 6 For theoverseas teachers approved to be employed, the school will give each teacher a certain amount of financial support. This amount shall be used for the purpose of their international travel expenses, domestic travel expenses, board and lodging expenses, subsistence allowances, insurance and the service subsidies for instructing students or carrying out research work after completing the prescribed workload, and it shall not be used for publishing periodicals, organizing meetings, purchasing instruments and office equipment, subsidizing teachers, graduate students and undergraduate students to carry out various exchanges. The experts living expenses, including accommodation, food and transportation costsinShanghaiare subject to the unified subsidy at the standard of 600 Yuan/day, and no other bills for reimbursement are accepted. The expert service costs are issued at the standard of 30,000 Yuan/month.

  Article 8 The following teachers may not apply for the program: those who have received the subsidies of the same categories by the Ministry of Education or other government departments (except for the ones practicing the sharing of resources with the colleges and universities affiliated to the ministries and commissions), and those have full-time teaching or research posts in the colleges and universities affiliated to the domestic ministries or local universities of other provinces or scientific research institutions and are employed for this program as part-time job.

  Article 9 Thoseoverseas teachers who are mainly engaged in lecturing and teaching shall at least set up one world advanced forefront subject curriculum (module course) once for graduate students or undergraduates in the course of employment, and complete the teaching workload of not less than 6 hours per week and teach in foreign languages (foreign Chinese teachers may apply the bilingual teaching based on the actual teaching situation). Those research-basedoverseas teachers shall carry out scientific research projects at full workload during the employment period. For thoseoverseas teachers mainly engaged in the lecturing and teaching and scientific research, their academic goals and the working arrangement shall be jointly determined by the school project execution departments and the teaching or scientific research management departments. Theoverseas teachers are encouraged to provide the young teachers and graduates with the paper guidance, preparation of teaching materials, opening-up of new courses and lectures, set-up academic or research center, organization of international academic conferences, organization and counseling of students to carry out various forms of communication to promote the school's external cooperation during the employment.


  Chapter IV Implementation and Management

  Article 10 International Officeandthe departmentsof theoverseas teachers shall be responsible for the application and daily management of the program.

  Article 11 Application Materials:

  IThedepartmentsof theoverseas teachers shallsubmitapplication materials of overseas materials to be employed:

  1. Application Form of "Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program" (Appendix 2);

  2. Photocopy of the passport of the overseas teacher to be employed;

  3. Basic InformationofOutstanding Overseas Teacher (Appendix 3);

  4. Letter of Engagementsigned by the teacher to be employed (including the specific time and requirements for consent to employment) and attached with the translation copy.

  International Office will organize the review to determine the list of the overseas teachers to be employed, and start the implementation of all projects.

  Article 12 The department where theoverseas teacher to be engaged shall assist the teachers in completing the annual project plan, and shall submit the annual reports or item settlement reports including the annual project implementation, the annual fund utilization and the annual results, etc. to International Office (the time for submitting the annual reports will be further notified).

Appendix 2:Application Form of Outstanding Overseas Teacher Program

Appendix 3:Basic Information of Outstanding Overseas Teacher

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