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Sino-German Vocational Training and Education Cooperation Agreement Signed in Our University
Release date:2017-05-10 17:10:26   source:International Office

    The signing ceremony of Sino-German Vocational Training and Education Cooperation Agreement was held at Hall 301 of academic communication center on May, 9th. The representatives from Germany Haller Handcraft Association (HWK), the Sino-Germany Vocational Education Center (the Alliance), Haller Sino-Germany Association/International Research Institute,Hangzhou Dresden Liaison Office/Dresden University of Economics and TechnicalChina Center signed a cooperation agreement in our university, aiming to coordinate and promote the substantive work of industry association certificate education in the aspects  of German vocational education and training and HWK. Yu Tao, the President of our university signed this agreement on half of 17 members of Sino-Germany Vocational Education Center (the Alliance). 

    President Yu tao met with Mr. Dirk. Neumann, the CEO of HWK, Mr. Hansgoerge. Kone, the President of Haller International Institute, and Mr. Yao Yujie, the Director of Dresden University of Economics and Technical China Center at Hall 207. Both sides discussed about the vocational training, further education and certificate education of HWK, and deeply believed that the two parts will have lots of potential cooperation in the future.

    Mr. Yu appointed out that, our university always insist on the position that the vacation should be directed by the higher education and talent training, and continuously push the progress of high-level international university running. In recent year, our university has established international cooperation with more than 60 institutes and universities from European, North American, Australian and Asian, and in particular, we expect that we can cooperate with the Applied Technology University of Germany and Dual System vocational education. We hope that this cooperation agreement can make our students have the chance to study in Germany, obtain the HWK certificate and promoting the vocational ability, so as to improve the exchange of students in job market, especially in Germany and European Union Corporate.

    Mr. Neumann responded to us in follow-up speech, and expressed relief to the sustainable development and stable relationship between China and Germany, and the HWK is very glad to share the good traditions of combination of theory and practice and the concept of dual-system vocational education with Chinese universities. Meanwhile, he also promised that the trainings, examinations and double-certificate educations will be carried out in the member colleges of Sino-Germany Vocational Education Center in long term.

    The Sino-Germany Vocational Education Center of our university was established in December, 2015, and became one of three training bases of Sino-Germany center after signed theDeclaration ofSino-Germany vocational education center (Alliance). And our university has the possibility to become one of the test sites of German Handicraft Association Certificate after signing this agreement. This signing ceremony was held by Meng Zhaoshang, the Director of the Sino-German Center, attended by Qiao Liqing, the Director of International Office, Jing Xiaofeng, the Director of Recruitment and Employment Office, Cao Jianqing, the Director of College of Engineering, Zhang Jun, the Vice-President of College of International Vocational Education, and representatives of related universities of the center and our teachers and students.

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