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European Students Learned Chinese Language and Culture in Our University
Release date:2017-05-24 16:59:02   source:International Office

    From May 21, the secondbatch of European student mission stationed in our university in this semester. About 23 students from Belgium and the Netherlands will learn the Chinese language and culture for 5 days. The welcome ceremony was held on May 22 in School of International Exchange. Meng Zhaoshang, the President of this school (Director of Office of International Affairs), relevant teachers, class advisers, colleges teachers and all students joined this ceremony.


    Mr. Meng briefly introduced the basic situation of our university and this project, and showed warm welcome to European students and wished everyone can learn something during their stay in Shanghai. The teachers and students interacted actively in the ceremony and deepened the understanding for each other in relaxed atmosphere.

    In these 5-days study, the European students will take part in 4 speeches covering the business, catering, Chinas investment environment and economic globalization. The school of international exchange also will make 2-hour language training for all students to improve their Chinese skills.

    This mission is the second batch of short-term European groups stationed in our university in this semester. And in April of this year, the first batch gave high prize and good feedback for this intensive language and cultural training, directly contributing to the extension of this project. This college will take this project as an opportunity to teach the Chinese language and culture and promote Chinese civilization, and continue to open the European market to attract more international students.

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