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SSPU celebrated its 55thAnniversary and held Time Capsule Ceremony
Release date:2015-09-25 09:16:35   source:International Office

  In the morning of 28thSeptember, the 55thanniversary of SSPU and a grand foundation stone laying ceremony of "Time Capsule" was held in the Room 201 of Information Technology Center. Present at the conference were school leaders, YuTao, ZouLongfei, Wu Peidong, Xu Yufa, Xie Huaqing, Xu Yufang and Wang Zenghao, party standing committee member, heads and representatives of secondary units, alumni representatives, and teachers and students. The conference was hosted by vice secretary Zou Longfei.

  The conference started with the promotional video of our school named "Home", which shows the spirit of "hard work, self-improvement, innovation, the pursuit of excellence" and the school motto of "student-centered, ethics-conscious and skill-stressed ", revealing the spirit of Shanghai Second Polytechnic University during these 55 years. Its humanistic perspective, brilliant ideas, expounds connotations and rich aesthetic image were echoing among teachers and students.


  During the conference, Wu Peidong, vice secretary of Party Committee and vice president, and Xu Yufa, vice president, respectively announced the winners of 2014 Principal Award. These six awarded projects are: "the grand and the first prize of 2014 National College Students' English Contest ", "the first prize of 2014 National College Students' Siemens Industrial Automation Challenge Contest", "the first prize of 2014 National College Students' Advertising Art Competition" , "the first prize and the second prize of 2014 Chinese Creative Packaging Design Contest (students group)",  "the first prize of the Third Shanghai Invention Contest", and prizes of "2014 National College Students Entrepreneurship Contest" by school team, Meng Ma. Principal Yu Tao presented the Certificate of Honor for the teachers and students.


  2015 has witnessed the 55th anniversary of SSPU, which has carried out the "Time Capsule" project of school vision to express our best wishes. Vice president Xu Yufang made an introduction of the project and emphasized the importance of the activity to improve the innovation and creativity.

  Witnessed by teachers and students, the leaders and the representatives of teachers and students held the foundation stone laying ceremony of "Time Capsule" on the north gate in the Information Technology Center. Together with president Yu Tao, vice president Xie Huaqing, alumni representatives and Yang Tianqiang, 2014 Pricipal Prize winner placed "Time Capsule", which collects the expectations of all the department members and school alumni. Vice president Xu Yufa with teachers' representative, Zhang Feng, head of College of Arts and Sciences, placed "Time Capsule" together, which carries the best wishes of school teachers. Wu Peidong, deputy secretary, and student representative Zhang Jingyi, from College of International Vocational Education placed "Time Capsule" together, sealed with students’ desires and longings. All of these capsules will be opened in 2030.



  It is reported that the "Time Capsule" program has received more than 900 pieces from our teachers and students, with more than 40 pieces of group work, over 40 from teachers, and over 800 from students. Among them are meaningful works designed in forms of greeting cards, postcards, paintings, and lanterns. The "Time Capsule" which contains all of the wisdom and expectations that SSPU is developing and innovating with firm persistent pursuit despite overwhelming odds.

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